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Lifetime Service Program Details

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Here at Noble Cycling we are not just in the business of selling you a bike and then pushing you out the door while shouting 'Good Luck!' We know that your bike needs and deserves future care and maintenance. That is why here at Noble Cycling we offer Lifetime Service on every bike we sell!

This is our commitment to you to show you that we will not only sell you the perfect bike, but we are also going to keep your bike going for life. What else would you expect from Utah's best bike shop? When you a Lifetime Service member, bring your bike in whenever you feel it needs a tune-up, look over, or just some tender, loving care.


Available on all of our bikes


Lifetime Tune Up Agreement

This page explains what is and what is not included with Noble Cycling’s Lifetime Tune ups. Lifetime tune ups are defined as providing a unlimited basic tune ups from Noble Cycling.

Lifetime Tune Ups, includes unlimited basic tune ups, a basic tuneup is defined as:

  • Brake adjustments- Brake pad alignment, cable tension, lever reach, it does not include hydraulic brake bleeds.
  • Shifting adjustments- All adjustments needed to make bike shift properly, does not include any parts that may be needed.
  • Safety inspection-Full inspection of all bike systems to make sure they are in safe working order. Customer will be notified of any system that are found not in safe working order. Noble Cycling takes no liability or responsibility of unsafe systems if customer chooses not to address.
  • Performance Inspection- Full inspection of all bike systems to make sure they are in proper working order. Customer will be notified of any system that is not performing at peak performance.
  • Basic wheel true- True wheel to within 90% lateral trueness- does not include removing hops in the wheel, replacing bearings, replacing spokes or servicing hubs.
  • Drive train lubrication- full lubrication of chain.
  • Free Flat repair- does not include the cost of tube.


No parts Service. Any parts that need to be replaced within the first year as a result of a defect will be sent to the manufacture to replace, as part of the manufactures warranty.

The Lifetime Service is only available to the original owner and is non-transferable. Repairs caused by misuse, neglect, abuse, or problems caused outside intended use are not covered by the Lifetime Service.

Service is completed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Parts are not covered. Parts include but not limited to tires, brake pads, tubes, chains, brake oil, chain lube, etc. Any part not purchased at Noble Cycling may void your Life Time Tune-ups contract, all service to parts purchased outside Noble Cycling will not be included on Lifetime tuneups and will be assessed a fee to install.

Any work or service performed by another bike store or individual will not be covered and may void Lifetime Tune ups.

Cleaning is not included in Lifetime Service.

Flat repair labor is included but NOT the cost of the tube. Tube patching is excluded.

Any service outside the basic tune-up items listed above will be billed out normal