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Honest Abe's 5 Tips for President's Day Riding

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Honest Abe's 5 Tips for President's Day Riding

Five quick tips to get you ready for spring riding.

Tip #1

Bike Tune Up


      It’s March and the weather is just beginning to warm up. You get out for the first road ride of the year and realize that winter has not been as kind to your bike as you had hoped. For starters, the cable tension on your shifting cables has stretched out just enough to make shifting feel like mud, and that misaligned wheel that you put off truing at the end of fall is, shockingly, still misaligned. (strange how bikes don’t fix themselves right?)


      One of the best things you can do at the beginning of the year (preferably before the best days to ride are here) is to take your bike into the local bike shop for a tune up. Let your mechanic know what you’re feeling from your bike, so that they can focus on any problem spots and give you the best possible ride. Also, don’t forget to ask them how you can best maintain your bike to keep it running in top riding condition.


  Tip #2

Get the right tires


      In the winter, we all know how advantageous it is to have a tire with a lot of grip, but now that the weather’s getting nicer it’s time to switch back to those tires with less rolling resistance. This will not only increase speed, but the quality of your ride will greatly improve as well. I’d recommend the Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II.


Tip #3

Get the right gear


      It’s still cold, and no matter how tough you are, you’re gonna want the right apparel. The key to dressing warm is layering. If you want to know how to really dress the best in the winter or spring check out our article here! With the right apparel you can ride no matter what the weather conditions are.


Tip #4

The Early Bird Gets The Worm


      Racing season is thundering towards us and we all want to be faster. The key to getting faster is really just time on the bike. This is another reason why it is so crucial to get started early and start your year of riding out right. Some of the most powerful training sessions can be done during preseason, and if you’re out riding before your competition, you’ll be that much more ahead of the game.   Early spring is all about base miles, base miles are miles done while riding at about 60% of your maximum heart rate.  Think long rides, that are just nice and constant.  Sprinting and higher heart rate workouts should be done in later spring.


Tip #5

Get a concrete training plan and test your FTP


      If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. One of the most important steps to having a successful riding season is by getting on a concrete training plan and sticking to it. You can create your own, or find one online, but plans don't work if you don't follow them so whatever plan you go with, STICK WITH IT. Get a good computer to track your progress, I'd recomend the Garmin Edge 520. Noble Cycling offers free FTP evaluations, and this is a great way to maximize your training, and to know if you're improving. If you don't know what FTP is or you're interested in learning more about it check out our article on it here


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