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Two ways to never get a flat again

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Two ways to never get a flat again

Tired of getting flats when you ride your bike, never get flats again using these two remedies.

There is a universal fear which constantly plagues the minds and rides of cyclists everywhere. As recently documented online, cyclists in certain parts of the world are currently riding with a fear of being chased by bears, yet, while being chased by a bear is something that would terrify most cyclists to the point of a quick change of shorts, the fear that affects cyclists and parents everywhere is the seemingly primordial fear of a flat tire. As avid cyclists ourselves, we at Noble Cycling empathize with and support cyclists and parents everywhere in their effort and time spent fixing flat tires. We see countless people coming into our shop every day looking for new tubes and tires, all of them with distressed looks of agony painted all over their faces.Crying children with tears running down their faces plead with parents to fix their flat tires so they can get back to the one simple joy in life; cycling.


We started this shop to help people enjoy the love of cycling and that is exactly what we try to do. In this post, we are not going to offer help to those suffering from bear problems but instead provide some direction on how to better protect yourself, your family, and your bike against the anxiety of flat tires this summer.

From our experience, there are two main classes of preventative measures that can be taken to prevent flat tires. The best way to prevent flat tires is to remove the possibility of getting a flat tire by replacing the tire or tube with a solid piece material, thus removing the ability to get a flat. Historically, these options have been plagued by issues of weight and ride quality. We have seen a lot of different methods of doing this and the following are our review of the best options.

  1. Tannus Tires- These tires are the filet mignon of flat proof options because replace the whole ideology of inner tubes and tires by implementing a tube made from a patented Aither 1.1 material without adding any additional weight. These tires are guaranteed for 5000 miles, like riding from Las Vegas to London, can be mounted on pre existing rims, and come in 12 different colors to appeal to even the pickiest young cyclists..

  1. Ever Tires- These tires are similar to the product provided by Tannus except they are not available to put on existing rims and they are much heavier than their air-filled counterparts. There are made of a solid rubber compound with holes through the tire to reduce weight and provide the bounce of a normal tire.

  1. Foam/ rubber inserts- There are lots of different brands of these types of inserts but they are generally the same technology and suffer from the same problem, they are heavy and they offer terrible ride quality. While these options are cheaper alternatives they do not provide comparable ride quality to classic air-filled tires.  


The second class of flat remedy does make your tires flat proof but will significantly decrease the number of flat tires over time. The main problem with many of these alterations adds additional weight to your bike which can equal out to additional pounds of weight.

  1. Tire Liners- These tire liners are strips of heavy duty material, often made of some sort of reinforced plastic, that you can lay in your tire and it will prevent flats from commonly run over things like thorns and glass shards. 
  2. Thorn resistant tubes- These tubes are made of heavy duty rubber which is thicker in the areas of concern where most tires get flats. These tires are a bit more expensive but offer an inexpensive upgrade in your defense against flats.
  3. Slime sealant/ Stan’s Tire Sealant- This option is probably the most widely used because of the ease of application and the availability of solutions. Slime is a sealant that, like Stan’s, is a liquid which gets injected into a tube to fill in the holes that might occur in the course of riding. Many professional cyclists convert their tires and rims into being tubeless options and inject these types of materials into their tires to prevent punctures while competing. However, this transition to tubeless is a more expensive option but the liquid will help in any tube or tire combination and let even the most beginner cyclist a little relief from the worry of flats.
  4. Patch kits- The final defense and the most temporary is the use of a patch and superglue. Essentially, a patch is like placing a band-aid over a hole in the tube and hoping that it holds out as long as you are riding. We suggest that this only be used as a last resort but it is still a viable option. 


There are lots of different options available in the ongoing battle against flat tires. Each cyclist has different needs but we can find a solution for almost any bike. We want to help you stay flat free this summer and avoid the tears and frustration of changing a tire. Be sure to give us a call with any questions you might have so we can help you stay in the saddle all summer long.


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