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5 Tips for Riding in the Rain

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  • By Hans Peterson
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5 Tips for Riding in the Rain


Riding in the rain might sound like a miserable experience, but if done right can be quite enjoyable. As with anything preparation is key. Here are 5 tips that we think can help with riding in the rain.

1. Invest in a good rain jacket with high visibility.

A good rain jacket can also be used in the winter, making it a dual purpose item. During rainstorms drivers are much less likely to see you, so make sure that your apparel is high visibility. Turn your light onto flashing to increase the chances of drivers seeing you.

2. Get a rear fender.


What goes up must come down right? Well the same law applies to water being flung up behind you by your rear tire. Anyone who has ridden in the rain knows how annoying "skunk lines" can be. A rear fender can minimize the amount of water that ends up on your back.

3. Make sure you have the right tires.

If you live in an area where it rains often, investing in a pair of tires with better grip can keep you from falling in wet turns. If you're riding with a racing tire, consider lowering the PSI by 10 to help grip the road.  Also if your tires are old or bald don't use them, water makes rubber slick so you need to have good grip.

4 Bring a Poncho

On the really wet days having a poncho can be a lifesaver. I would recommend packing it with you so that until it gets really rainy you can have the lower wind resistant of just a rain jacket.

5 Cover your feet.

Riding in the rain makes your feet surprisingly wet. Some mud guards can help reduce the amount of water that soaks your socks, but if you ride for any length of time in the rain your feet will get wet. Water proof shoe covers will eliminate almost all the water in your shoes.

Rain doesn't have to stop your training program, you just need to adapt.  Plus riding in the rain is hardcore.  


  1. Jane Jane

    I also wear waterproof pants that I bought to climb Kilimanjaro, really keeps the legs dry. Only trouble is they are quite warm if it is a warm rain.

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