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Everyone loves a new bike, from the time you were 5 and got your first bike for Christmas until now getting a new bike is a special day.  At Noble Cycling we love NEW BIKE DAY,  helping our customers experience NEW BIKE DAY is it is what gets us up in the morning and get's us excited to go to work.    We want you to have your own new bike day, which is why we created the Ultimate upgrade your bike sale.  From now until October 21st we have 5 amazing offers so you can have your own NEW BIKE DAY! 

  1. Get 0% Financing for 12 months through Syncrony financing*
  2. Get a $75 prepaid Visa gift card with the purchase of any bike using Syncrony Financing*
  3. Trade in your old bike today and we'll give you 110% of the Bicycle Blue Book trade in value of your bike
  4. Save up to 40% on 2017 bikes
  5. Get $50 in store credit to accessories your new ride

 There is never been a better time to upgrade and have your own New Bike Day.  Come see us today for the details and to get a free evaluation on what your old bike is worth.

 *Must be approved with Synchrony financing, see store for details.


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