Tannus Tires - Slick

Perfect for road and commuter type bicycles. Available in 12 stylish colors.


Tannus Tires - Shield

Great for road and hybrid bicycles. Features the classic Tannus tread patterns. Available in 2 modern style colors.


Noble Cycling Pro 2-in-1 CO2 Inflator and Tire Lever

This tire lever for bikes is made of aluminum with integrated plastic, so your rims are protected to avoid damage. This product snaps together to more easily fit in saddle packs and jersey pockets.

$25.00 $9.99

Tannus Tires - Razorblade

Perfect for utility and hybrid bicycles. Designed for city and all-terrain use. Available in 4 stylish colors.


Noble Cycling Pro Digital Display Floor Pump

This Presta valve bike pump has a solar powered top-mount LCD display for viewability in any light.
This product is fantastic for mountain or road biking because of the heavy duty plastic handle.


Noble Cycling Elite Easy Pump High Pressure Floor Pump

One of the best mini bike pumps on the market due to the large steel base to give you a sure footing on varied surfaces. This floor pump has a solid steel handle plunger.

$60.00 $29.99

Tannus Tires Semi- Slick

Perfect for road, commuter, and hybrid bicycles. Available in 12 stylish colors.


Noble Cycling Pro Micro CO2 Inflator

The bicycle hand pump fits 16g threaded CO2 cartridges only. With a smart valve head to fit both Presta and Schrader valves, this product is great for the cyclist looking for more of a lightweight ride.


Noble Cycling Pro 2-in-1 CO2 Mini Pump

Fits threaded CO2 cartridges only, in this CO2 inflator.
This is a Pro 2-in-1 Mini Pump that works as a hand held pump or a CO2 inflator.


Noble Cycling Insulated Big Mouth Water Bottle 680CC

This insulated sports bottle has a heavy duty silicone valve that will not deform with any temperature change.
Made from SHET (Super High Elastic Technology) material, and is BPA-free.
This squeezable insulated water bottle can go anywhere.


Noble Cycling Pro 11-in-1 Mini Tool with CO2 Inflator

This cycling multi tool kit features a Phillips and Flathead screwdriver.
Compact in design so you can create more room in your saddle bag for other necessities.


Noble Cycling Performance 2-in-1 CO2 Mini Pump

This CO2 bike tire inflator is a 2-in-1 mini pump that can be used with CO2 or by hand.
The design is innovative and combines the mini pump with a CO2 inflator.



Transport up to 4 bikes
Telescoping, cradle-style wheel mounts
Velcro wheel straps

$429.95 $300.99

XLC Road Clip-less Pedal 9/16" BLK

Black Friday special FREE pair of road pedals with any purchase of shoes!


Noble Cycling Elite Floor Pump Green

This compact bike pump has extra-thick rubber pads on the base for better stability. There is a dual valve head that allows for Presta and Schrader applications.


Noble Cycling Pro Floor Pump With Top Mount

This pump for bikes has a thumb-lock clever twin valve design that can easily be switched between Presta and Schrader valves. Without leaks and with secure clamps, the valves will quickly inflate without a lot of pressure. from becoming disconnected.


Tannus Tires - Mini-Velo

Smaller size same great quality.


Noble Cycling Mini Mirror

This rear view mirror for bikes doesn’t even need tools to be installed. The durable rubber strap which can be quickly moved from bike to bike makes it easy to put on any type of bike.


XLC Mountain Resin Pedal 9/16" BLK

BLACK FRIDAY Special FREE pair with any purchase of shoes.


Falcon Lady Saddle Black 152mm

The PRO Falcon Lady Ti Saddle Microfiber 152mm Black will allow you to be ultimately comfortable and relaxed on race day or a casual ride.

$119.99 $77.99

SQLab, 611 Active Race Titanium, Saddle, 279 x 130mm, Black

A road and MTB saddle
Perfect for XC/marathon and long rides
SQlab's exclusive Active System lets the saddle follow the natural biomechanical movement of the pelvis while pedaling which reduces pressure on the spine
Step system off

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